Thursday, 28 May 2009

Day 14 Reay to John O'Groats

Only 30 miles left to do today .. set off about 9.30 from Reay , passed through Thurso, where we had stayed overnight, the terrain was steady all the way ... reached John O'Groats about 12:30 !!
FINISHED!!!!!!................the whole journey was well worth it .. really enjoyed it .. and would definitely do it again sometime..
lapsed mileage 31.19
elapsed time 2:18:28
avg 13.5

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Day 13 Bonar Bridge to Reay

Todays route Lairg, Tongue, Bettyhill, Caithness, ReayFrom Lairg its north, after about 4 miles the A road becomes single track for 36 miles strung across the Highlands, with passing places all the way every 100 yds or so. After about 10 miles I was confronted by 2 aberdeen angus's on the track, took a pic and sped on my way, was buzzed a couple of times by RAF jets. You can see mountains for miles and miles, knowing there are no roads or track to these far off places. I reached Tongue on the northern coast of Scotland. For some reason I imagined this part of the ride would be easy, but it was very similar to Cornwall, very steep long uphills and long steep downhills, managed to clock a max speed of 41.4 mph on one of the downhills. Bettyhill was next then a few miles after you could see what I think is the Orkney's Islands. Further along the coast, from another vantage point you can see Dounreay Nuclear Experimental power station. Dropped into Reay where the power station is, and called it a day,with 30 miles left to savour tomorrow. Stayed overnight in Thurso.

elapsed distance 70.53
elpased time 5:12:51
avg 13.5

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Day 12 Fort Augustus to Lairg

Today's route Fort Augustus to Invermoriston via Loch Ness,Beauly ,Dingwall, Bonar Bridge andfinish at Lairg. Lovely blue skies...followed the road along the side of Loch Ness, until reached Urquhart Castle, took some pics, then turned inland over the tops to Beauly, this was the bit I had not been looking forward to all the trip , when I'd plotted the route this bit of themap showed chevrons on the road, indicating "steep" hill, I didnt know from the map how steep and how long, when I turned the corner it was staring in my face 15% for 3/4 of a mile.Got stuck into it, out of the saddle, my calves felt like they were gonna explode, I nearly gave up and got off and walked, but kept at it and eventually reached the top,just as I did 2 RAF jets flew low over me, saluting me getting to the top!! The next 6 miles were nearly all downhill, and I reached a top speed off 38.8 mph. Onto Beauly then Dingwall, and once again a climb this time long and gradual, the views from the top were magnificent, quite breathtaking. Then downhill including a 12% .Then onto Bonar Bridge and finally our destination of Lairg, it then rained for the last mile, so I still got wet despite a full day of sunshine!

elapsed distance 78.42
elapsed time 5:50:48
avg 13.4

Monday, 25 May 2009

Day 11 Connel to Fort Augustus

Today's route Oban, Ballaculish, Fort William, Fort Augustus..No let up on the weather, rained from start to finish, lots of low cloud and poor visibilty, passed through Fort William then next stop was Spean Bridge, and a visit to the Commando memorial overlooking the valley. Five miles from Fort Augustus and my first puncture of the trip!. Finally arrived at our b&b, St Jospehs on the Fort William Road. After a shower walked into Fort Augustus, a small village at the head of Loch Ness, with spectacular views down the Loch, but no sign of Nessie!

elapsed distance 72.11
elapsed time 4:52:56
avg 14.7

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Day 10 Dunoon to Connel

Today's route Dunoon, Lock Eck, Loch Fyne Inverary Loch Awe Connell.
Left Dunoon, the coast before you turn inland is beautiful, inland you come to Loch Eck, this
was also stunning, great road surface for cycling and flat roads all along the Loch, and very little traffic. Weather was overcast . Whilst the rest of the UK was basking in 20 deg + sunshine, the rain came down again after lunch .. and continued for the rest of the day.. ended the
cycling day at Connell Bridge. Went on to Oban for overnight stay at Dunheanish B&B, and then the sun came out!... the accommodation is on the hillside overlooking the village and the bay .. absolutely lovely..ferries coming and going to the islands..
Tomorrow we go monster hunting along Loch Ness!

elapsed mileage 72.58
elaped time 5:00:23
avg 14.5

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Day 9 Cumnock to Dunoon (via ferry)

Todays route Auchinleck to Kilmarnock , Irvine, West Kilbride, Lairg then
Gourock and the ferry to Gourock
Todays mileage was only 54 miles so decided to push on ,
was dry until about 10 miles then heavy rain..all the way to Gourock, from West Kilbride
followed the coast road all the way to Gourock, long stretches along the
sea front where you are only 20 ft from the sea, can't imagine what the road would be like with a heavy sea, managed to crack on and finish with an average of 15.9 miles over 54 miles. Had a 30 minute wait for the ferry...sea was a bit choppy, and saw a dolphin on the way across. Staying at St Ives b&b on the sea front. because we had a short day on the bike, went into town and had a few pints of guinness. The views across the bay are beautiful.

elapsed mileage 54.06
elapsed time 3:23:59
avg 15.9

Friday, 22 May 2009

Day 8 Carlisle to Cumnock

Today's route, Carlise to Gretna, Dumfries and finished in Auchinleck... Highlight of the Day NO RAIN again.. well there was a small shower, but by the time i got kitted up in my waterproofs it had passed and i had to take them off again!!! The scenery in Scotland is beautiful... staying at the Railway Hotel in Auchinleck The end is nigh!!

elapsed distance: 79.57
elapsed time: 5:44:33

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Day 7 Garstang to Carlisle

Todays route Garstang, Lancaster, Kendal, Shap, Penrith and finally Carlisle. NO RAIN today!!A long hard ride, set off from Garstang and as I dropped into Carnforth could see Morecambe Bay...and the hills of the Lake District in the distance. As I approached Kendal decided to go off piste and take in some country lanes, bit of a mistake as these were very narrow and extremely hilly.. and navigating myself through the lanes cost me some time. left Kendal and had the notorious climb up to Shap. it's a long climb to the top taking over an hour, with an ascent of 1400 ft (I think?) but then you have a long descent into Penrith. It was then a slog to Carlisle, by the time I reached Carlisle it was rush hour, finally reached my destinationaround 6 p.m..

elapsed distance 82.86
elapsed time 6:34:40

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Day 6 Whitchurch to Garstang

Todays route was Whitchurch Warrington Wigan Preston Garstang.... day started with some blue skies and lots of cloud... finally got to ride in my to Warrington and changed from long sleeve top to short sleeved ...then just out of Wigan the heavens opened until the other side of Preston, Preston in rush hour was very busy ... arrived at Garstang.. and was putting bike in back of car to go to our hotel in Blackpool, when a deer came tearing round the corner .. didnt manage to get a pic it was too quick for us.

elapsed mileage 77.55

elapsed time 5.54.10

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Day 5 Tewkesbury to Whitchurch

Today's route was Tewkesbury, Kidderminster, Bridgnorth, Tiverton and finally Whitchurch, heavy rain most of the way , laugh of the day, a farmer in a pickup truck laden with scaffolding poles decided he could beat me out a side road.. only thing.. he'd forgotten to put his tailgate up.. and 10 secs later the A38 was blocked with scaffolding poles..Think I must have pushed my self a bit hard yesterday ..i found it hard going towards the end..ring road round Tiverton was a nightmare, finished the day at Whitchurch..stayed at Travelodge in Shrewsbury..

elapsed distance 79.43
elapsed time 5:41:49
avg 13.9
335.79 total

Monday, 18 May 2009

Day 4 Highbridge to Tewkesbury

Left Highbridge about 9 o'clock the next 10 miles were flat.. compared to the previous 2 days.. managed to cover the 1st 19 miles in 40 mins.. then hit a couple of steep hills as climbed up to Bristol Airport . From there it was all downhill to Bristol...passed under Clifton Suspension Bridge, wasted a bit of time having to stop and check tomtom to navigate through Bristol. Got 6 miles past Bristol and had my 1st soaking of the day..then on to Gloucester with a finish at Tewkesbury.. very bike friendly roads..with cycle lanes all the way up the A38..

elapsed distance 72.19
elapsed time 4:42:21

avg 15.3

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Day 3 North Tawton to Highbridge

Rain from setting off at North Tawton , lots of hills again.. a 10% er down to Bickleigh got lost in Tavistock...apart from that all's going well....let's hope tomorrow is better ..70+miles tomorrow.

distance 67.53
elapsed time 4:46:34

total distance 184.05
total elapsed time 13:46:46

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Day 2 St Austell to North Tawton

The first 2 days are supposed to be the hardest... believe me they areFrom St Austell to Okehampton I must have cycled up half a dozen or more of 1 in 8 hills (or 12% as they call them these days). Met more cyclists doing end 2 end going both ways..Weather was mixed, had showers, sunshine and even some hail...Travelodge at Okehampton let me keep my bike in the room.... she's now tucked up and ready for tomorrow...Zzzzzz

distance 62.3
elapsed time 5:04:52

total distance 116.52
total elapsed time 9:00:12

Friday, 15 May 2009

Day 1 Lands End to St Austell

Left Taunton at 08:45..and it was rain all the way for the next 2 hrs to Lands End.Saw a few LEJOGer's and JOGLER's on their way in and out of Lands End.. when we go to within 6 miles from Lands End..the rain stopped and never appeared again for the whole day..Went to register at the Lands End Hotel.. Two motorcyclist's had just completed the JOGLE in 3 days.when the receptionist asked how long they had taken ,she took the wind out of their sails when she told them some cyclist do it in 2 days!!..Set off about 11:45 after having my photo taken at the Lands End signpost..stopped off at St Michaels Mount for a piccie... then decided to follow a route I'd plotted off the beaten track!... needless to say it was slow going, and Helen wasnt too keen on single track roads .. 26 miles from Lands End decided to up the pace and get onto the A roads...hills hills hills.. all the way to St Austell.. until I arrived at our £9 Travelodge.

distance 53.72
elapsed time

total distance 53.72
total elapsed time

Monday, 11 May 2009

4 days to go

Friday I start my LEJOG, I'm cycling it solo with backup from Helen...whose driving my car!
Myself and Helen leave Leeds thursday afternoon and driving down to Taunton for an overnight stop before driving to Lands End the next morning. Hoping to find a pub in Taunton to see the 2nd leg of Leeds v Millwall in the 2nd leg League 1 play off semi-final...... Leeds Leeds Leeds.
Just checked the weather forecast for friday ..and it says heavy rain!!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Training Log

Recorded training (I have been training since beginning of January,
but have only just started logging it on here)

March 18th 63 miles
March 19th 62 miles
March 21st 65 mins gym bike
March 22nd 65 mins gym bike

March 23rd 80 miles (Leeds to Bridlington)
March 24th 78 miles (Bridlington to Leeds)
March 26th 65 mins gym bike
March 27th 65 mins gym bike
March 29th 40 miles
March 30th 75 mins gym bike
March 31st 14 miles
April 2nd 42 miles

April 4th 72 miles
April 5th 90 mins gym bike
April 7th 30 miles
April 11th 37 miles

April 12th 31 miles
April 15th 30 mins gym bike
April 17th 23 miles
April 18th 58 miles

April 20th 25 miles
April 21st 15 miles
April 23rd 15 miles

April 25th 81 miles
April 27th 2 hrs gym bike

April 28th 31 miles
May 1st 7 miles
May 4th 16 miles
May 5th 40 miles

May 6th 40 miles
May 7th 1 hr gym bike
May 9th 33 miles
May 11th 12 miles